Protecting Kauai

In 2011, a group of conservation professionals organized the formation of the Kauai Conservation Alliance (KCA). KCA is a diverse partnership of organizations and individuals that share the same vision: a Kauai with healthy and diverse native ecosystems, accomplished with community-supported conservation. The mission of the KCA is to provide leadership, education, and outreach to advance conservation of Kauai's native ecosystems.

  • % of all native hawaiian plant species occur on Kauai

    Kauai is the oldest and most bio-diverse island in the Hawaiian Archipelago.

  • % of Kauai's native plants are endangered

    Of Kauai's endangered plants, 47% have fewer than 50 individuals in the wild.

  • % of Hawaii's remaining bird species are endangered

    Kauai holds 90% of the remaining population of the threatened Newell's Shearwater.

  • % of you can make a difference

    Help protect Kauai's native ecosystems. Support conservation efforts on Kauai.

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KCA Organizations

Working together to protect Kauai's native ecosystems.
Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR)
Department of Land and Natural Resources.
The mission of the Division of Aquatic Resources is to manage, conserve and restore the state’s unique aquatic resources and ecosystems for present and future generations. In addition to licensing and research, DAR offers education materials, activities, and presentations for school and community groups.
Division of Forestry and Wildlife
Department of Land and Natural Resources
The mission of DLNR’s Division of Forestry and Wildlife is to responsibly manage and protect watersheds, native ecosystems, and cultural resources and provide outdoor recreation and sustainable forest products opportunities, while facilitating partnerships, community involvement and education. Mālama i ka ‘āina
Kauai Albatross Network
Kaua`i Albatross Network (KAN) serves as a resource to promote safe nesting habitat for Laysan albatross and other native seabirds by respectful cooperation with private landowners, government agencies, scientists, businesses, schools, and conservation organizations.
Kauai Endangered Seabird Recovery Project
DOFAW, Pacific Co-operative Studies Unit, University of Hawaii
The project focuses primarily on the 3 endangered seabirds found on Kauaʻi – Newell’s Shearwater, Hawaiian Petrel, and Band-rumped Storm-Petrel. Project work involves identifying the breeding distribution of these rare and enigmatic seabirds, monitoring their breeding colonies, undertaking research projects to better understand their life histories and the various threats which they face, and working with partner projects and organizations to ensure their long-term conservation.
Kauai Invasive Species Committee
Pacific Co-operative Studies Unit.
KISC is a voluntary partnership of government, private and non-profit organizations, and concerned individuals working to prevent, control, or eliminate the most threatening invasive plant and animal species in order to preserve Kauaʻi’s native biodiversity and minimize adverse ecological, economic and social impacts.
Kauai Forest Bird Recovery Project
The mission of the Kaua’i Forest Bird Recovery Project is to promote knowledge, appreciation, and conservation of Kaua’i’s native forest birds. Our efforts focus on the three federally endangered species, with the goal of facilitating recovery of their populations in the wild.
Kokee Resource Conservation Program
Garden Island Resource Conservation & Development. Department of Land & Natural Resources.
KRCP involves the public in preserving and protecting native Hawaiian ecosystems by providing service learning projects to volunteers of all ages in selected areas of Kōkeʻe. Contact us to see how you can help
National Tropical Botanical Garden
Plant Pono
Coordinating Group of Alien Pest Species
Plant Pono aims to prevent the introduction of high-risk species to the island and to discourage the planting of invasive species. We partner with industry groups, community groups, government agencies, invasive species committees, and non-profit organizations to promote “pono” planting choices, provide information on invasive species, encourage the use of the Hawaii Pacific Weed Risk Assessment as a prevention tool, and collaborate on invasive species issues state-wide.
Surfrider Foundation Kauai Chapter
Our mission is clean and healthy oceans, rivers and streams and free and easy access to them. We do regular water quality testing, beach clean ups, derelict (ghost) fishing net removal and introduce and testify about important environmental legislation.
The Nature Conservancy Hawaii
The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. Our vision is a world where the diversity of life thrives, and people act to conserve nature for its own sake and its ability to fulfill our needs and enrich our lives.
Pacific Islands Fish and Wildlife Office
Working with you to conserve the natural resources of Hawaii and the Pacific Islands


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