About Us

Kauaʻi Conservation Alliance (KCA) Charter

(Established November 1, 2011)

We envision a Kauaʻi with healthy and diverse native ecosystems, accomplished with community-supported conservation.

The mission of the KCA is to provide leadership, education, and outreach to advance conservation of Kauaʻi’s native ecosystems.

Current Kauai Conservation Alliance Members:
Membership is open to anyone who supports the mission of KCA. Members considered to be in good standing must attend at least 3 meetings per year.

Regular Meetings:
The KCA will meet once monthly. Meetings will be held to facilitate information-sharing, presentations, and opinions.

Roles and Responsibilities:
The Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary positions will be agreed upon by simple majority annually, upon near-completion of the previous annual term. These positions form an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee must be members in good standing. The Executive Committee will be responsible for meeting agendas, minutes, attendance, community outreach, and regular communication with KCA members.

Decisions will be made by simple majority whenever possible.  Members will be notified in advance of topics to ensure all perspectives are shared. Members in good standing will be eligible to vote.

Current Executive Committee:
Co-Chair: Tiffani Keanini, Kauai Invasive Species Committee, tkeanini@hawaii.edu
Co-Chair: Margaret Clark, National Tropical Botanical Gardenmclark@ntbg.org
Secretary: Andrea Erichsen, Kauai Community College, ale7@hawaii.edu